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  1. Thank you. It wasn't clear from the forum. I...

    Thank you. It wasn't clear from the forum. I guess that they pulled the plug on it. It's time to hurry up and buy the HD509N before they pull the plug on that one as well. But wait, the HD609N is...
  2. HD209N waiting on the fix

    Any fix yet? We're still waiting with model HD209N, very patiently!
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    Sticky: My HD209N Jailbreak is Zaaped, I need help from the Zaap hacker gurus, Eid Mubarak!

    I read the whole forum and other messages on the net. Is it true that the HD209N is now "toast" due to the dreaded "Connecting to Internet...Please Wait" then "Unable to recognize the media format"...
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    USA channels list

    I have a friend looking for these channels, see below. I'm not sure if the freemyzaaptv.blogspot USA files include them for the HD509N model. Is there a channel list any where? Thank you!

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