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Thread: ZaapTV receiver continuously starting up and changing resolution automatically

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    ZaapTV receiver continuously starting up and changing resolution automatically

    Hello altogether,

    I got a little problem with my ZaapTV receiver. It looks like my receiver is permanently starting up and changing the resolution automatically. According to my router logs the receiver starts up at 2:41AM.
    When I switch on my TV I can see the message that "a higher resolution is supported than the current one and if i want to switch to a higher resolution". I can confirm this message and my receiver reboots and changes the resolution. If I select Cancel, I can see that the resolution has automatically changed to 480p and 16:9 size. So, I need to change the size back top 4:3 (to see full screen) and to change the resolution everytime.
    Does anybody have such a problem or experiencing something similar? Any fixes available? Is my configuration maybe faulty? Or my receiver?
    It is really annoying, because my device is switched on automatically (without any interaction) and I need to change the settings back every time.

    My configuration:
    - Receiver connected via HDMI
    - Got Wireless lan usb stick connected for network
    - resolution set to "Automatic"
    - Video Aspect ration "4:3"
    - HDTV Auto resize: "disable"
    - Analog TV Standard: NTSC

    Can anybody help?

    Thanks so much to all.

    Best Regards

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    Try doing a factory reset on the box first:

    Turn off the Zaaptv receiver at the back of the receiver by hitting the power button.
    Hold down the OK button on your remote.
    Turn the Zaaptv back on at the back hitting the power button again while still holding down the OK button on the remote.
    Keep holding the OK buttton for about 45 seconds and you will go into a Diagnostic menu.
    Once in the diagnostic menu, hit the INFO button on the remote to do a full factory restore.
    Wait about 15-20 seconds and then hit the BACK button on the remote to restart the box.

    Once you've done that then experiment with the different video settings for your tv until it gets the picture correct.

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    Salam Mohammad.
    Thank you for your answer. I have just tried the factory reset as described by you. I still got the same problem. I made the factory reset the day before yesterday and today I saw that my receiver is switched on and the resolution was changed automtically to 480p. It was also giving me the same message "Your HDMI supports more than the current resolution. Do you want to change..".
    I think the ZaapTV receiver always gets back to this 480p / NTSC resolution which seems to be the maximum resolution??? Because if I do not change this resolution to a higher one, then the receiver works as normal and does not change it automtically. I do not know why?
    According to my router logs the box started at about 12:09AM this morning. Something must trigger the box automatically, but I do not have a trace what it is :-(
    Can you tell me which resolution is automatically set on your ZaapTV receiver? Did you connect the receiver via HDMI as well? And also via WLAN?

    Thanks and Best Regards

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