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Thread: Problem Retrieving Data from ZAAPTV server

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    INFO button???????????

    [Keep holding the OK buttton for about 45 seconds and you will go into a Diagnostic menu.
    Once in the diagnostic menu, hit the INFO button on the remote to do a full factory restoreQUOTE]
    and where did you see that there is an INFO button on the remonte control? i have problem with my zaaptv HD409N unit and as far i can see there is NO INFO neither OK button!!! so how can i reset it?

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    I believe there is an option in the menu under settings to do a factory restore. The instructions that you found are for the older 209 and 309 models. If that still does not fix your issue, call up the dealer you purchased from to ask them to do a full factory restore on the HD409N. They can reset the receiver remotely as long as it is plugged into the internet. They will just need your serial number from the bottom of the device.

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