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Thread: Zaaptv HD409N Review

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    Zaaptv HD409N Review

    I thought it was about time to post my review of the Zaaptv HD409N and my experience with it so far.

    Channel Selection: The 409 model of the Zaaptv has a lot of Arabic channels and many other languages for that matter. You can also add more premium channels by loading a few files onto the device. I was very pleased to be getting all of the sport channels for free. They have the option of adding adult channels too. I give the Zaaptv a 9.5 out of 10 for channels available. The only thing I'd like to see added is more American channels and then I could cancel my cable bill!

    Picture Quality: Picture quality is excellent. It is what you would expect to see on your cable tv or satellite tv receiver. Some of the more popular channels are broadcast in a compressed HD signal and most others are a good standard definition quality. Audio quality is very good as well. I give the picture quality and audio a 10 out of 10.

    Ease of Use: This model of the Zaaptv is the easiest to use and setup that I have tried so far. On the old models you had to go on your computer to register and add channels manually... not the case with this version. Once you plug in the Zaaptv HD409n it will take you through an easy on screen setup that takes about 2 minutes and is easy enough for anyone to do them selves. Once your done the on screen registration you can go straight to watching tv with over 1200 channels ready to watch. If your like me and want to add some more free premium channels, then you load on the files to your USB and get a bunch of extra sports channels, adult channels and some American channels. Theres lots of instructions on the forum for how to do this... For ease of use I give the Zaaptv HD409N a 9 out of 10... its very easy to use but there is always room for improvement. Also forgot to mention that the Zaaptv updates its software automatically.

    Speed: The 409 is the quickest Zaaptv model that I have tried (I've owned both 209 and 309 in the past) and after the initial boot up, which takes about 30 seconds, the device is pretty quick. Going through the menus and apps is very quick. Channel changing is about 2-3 seconds to load each channel. I think this is because it will buffer for a few seconds before bringing the channel up. I give the speed an 8/10 and think if the channel changing was a bit faster I could give it a 10.

    Remote: Huge improvement over the last Zaaptv remote for the older 209/309! This remote is what you would expect with a satellite receiver or cable tv receiver. It has everything you need on there including being able to enter the channel numbers and to record and add channels to favorites. Remote is 10 out of 10.

    PVR Recording: This is awesome that Zaaptv has added the ability to record to the Zaaptv HD409N through a software update. Right now the record function is very basic, just the option to record what you are currently watching and you hit the button again to stop recording when it is done. This feature is brand new through a software update that was released a few months ago and I am expecting them to add to this eventually as well. I would like to see the option of timed recording and being able to schedule when to start and when to stop recording on whatever channel. Its a new feature and Im very glad its available but I would definitely like to see them add more functionality to the recording feature. I give the recording a 7 out of 10 until they add the option of scheduling recordings.

    Buffering & Down Time: I can say that the Zaaptv will occasionally freeze on some channels but it is rare. Usually when its freezing on a channel, the rest of the channels are working fine so it really doesn't bother me much at all. I've compared the Zaaptv to a few other Arabic receivers and would say that Zaaptv is the most reliable one that I have seen by far. Unless your looking at getting satellite tv, which will only give you a few Arabic channels for a $40 a month fee, then the Zaaptv is going to be the most reliable box on the market. It has problems with channels from time to time but its usually for a very short time and its back to normal. For hardly ever being down or getting any buffering issues, I give the Zaaptv HD409N a 9.5 out of 10.

    Overall: For the money, you cant find a better box to watch Arabic channels on. If you've been on the fence about getting one of these things, do yourself a favor and buy it. I know you won't regret it and are going to be happy with the box. I would give the Zaaptv HD409N a 9.2 out 10.

    I look forward to Zaaptv releasing more software updates and adding even more features to the box as time goes on.

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    I cant find where is the recording on Zaap itself neither computer only empty directory (lost.dir)

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