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Thread: Brand New HD409 - can't get WiFi to work

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    Question Brand New HD409 - can't get WiFi to work

    Just got a brand new HD409 (firmware dated September 2013). Ran through setup procedure however could not get the WiFi connection method to work. After entering the wifi network password and selecting OK, the HD409 displayed "... may take 30 seconds ..." but then the status indicator stopped. The screen went blank and the "ZAAPTV" type then appeared, followed by the setup/setting screen. I went back to the WiFi setting but the wifi network password field was blank.

    I was able to successfully setup the device by using an ethernet cable to connect the device to the router.

    Appreciate any ideas.

    thank you

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    Many 409 devices have this problem or let us say one of the problems and simply they can't connect to the internet using WiFi although it will work with the ethernet cable. It could be a defect device!!

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