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Thread: zaap 409 jailbreak file

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    Quote Originally Posted by hayder View Post
    hi my device is HD 509n
    Get a new USB (it must be clean no files on it)
    1) Format the USB to fat32
    2) Copied files to the USB (files were downloaded from here
    3) I had ZaapTV "On" and showing one of the channel
    4) Inserted the USB in the back of the ZaapTV
    5) After a minute, a message on the screen came up; asking if you want to load the file with options: "Cancel" or "Ok"; select "Ok"
    6) Go to the left menu, click on "Television", you find "All Channels", "Favorite Channels", ... go to the end, you will find the new menus for the files were copied on the USB.
    7) You can select the channels that you want and add them to favorite (so you do not have to have the USB attached all the times.)

    A- if for some reasons it failed, every time you try, you must make sure the USB has only the jailbreaker files) delete files/folders that ZaapTV could have created.
    B- you can not have US and UK jailbreaker files at the same times on the USB

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    Hi Guys,

    I used the latest jailbreak for USA
    I couldn't find all bein sport (1-10). Could you please provide a jailbreak for them.


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