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Thread: Zaap .. Beware do not buy there 509 or any zaap soon you can only watch garbage there

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    Zaap .. Beware do not buy there 509 or any zaap soon you can only watch garbage there

    Do you know how ZAAP Live Technologies in Westchester,IL is ripping off people ? Just filed a complaint at the BBB website (better business bureau) in Westchester Il and they are going to call me tomorrow to get more info.The Guy that says he is the manager his name is Ahmed is one big crook , Sounds like a Palestinian from his accent and his Arabic, which it is a big shame for us Muslims to screw each other, Thats why we never united and be one hand and Jews are all over the world cause they are united and help each other in any way, Anyway this Ahmed SURMAYI asked me to return a Zaap 509 that has so many problems where i paid Three times shipping each time $20.00 and that he will refund me my $219.00 where i bougt it during Ramadan our holly month , And after he got it he only refunded me $150.00 where i got $145.00 since he tried to screw me sending it to paypal when i paid by my credit card ,I send the payment back and filed a dispute where my money got back to me at the spot last night.But what they did they cheated me they told me and sured me that they will send me a replacement of a brand new box so i had a mark since my first return with a cracked antenna and he just went replaced the mother board that belonged to a box that was returned from Richmong ,Verginia where i saw it with all the settings and the time was stuck on Richmond and he kept playing games with me, lie to me and then he is so stupid he told me by mistake while reading the notes to me that a mother board was replaced not the box and he deducted $20.00 for shipping and $50.00 usage where i never had the chance to use the box it was going back and forth to him and when i got it is wasn't working . So i had all over the net in Europe and the Arab countries and the USA telling people my story so they be careful not to buy from Live Technologies Inc in IL.The worst place and looks like so many crooks works there + the customer service or support stopped answering my questions after i have told them that they lied to me .But they are dealing with the wrong person that studied Law and i will go all the way .They will pay for my time where my hour of earnings is $750.00 and hour and can proof it they will be so sorry to deal with me but soon ZAAP will be facing an big battle with Dish Network where you see they have nothing but garbage on Arabic and when i asked them they said it is for legal purposes that they can't add them.They are going through hell , so people better use the Android China IPTV Two years free and then pay $34.00 a year 700 channels plus no problem cause there server is in China and thats what i am using now.But if this SURMAYI Ahmed from GAZA will read this he will freak maybe he needs to go back to Gaza he doesn't belong in this enviorment honest people he still works the Arab way of lieng and cheating to make the Dollar. BUT SOON THEY ARE TAKING SO MANY CHANNELS OUT LIENG TO PEOPLE THAT YOY CAN ONLY WATCH FATAFEET AND QUARAAN , CHURCH ,COBTIC CHURCH AND SOME CARTOONS I ALREADY DISCUSSED WITH DISH NETWORK AND THEY ARE AND WILL STOP THEM THAT LIVE TECHNOLOGIES INC WILL AND HOPE ENDS UO IN JAIL FOR PIRACY AND illegal broadcasting as they have Al Manar where it is illegal by home land security and the USA government and they will be reported by me ASAP as soon as Tomorrow ,The LDC will be gone too since Dish has the only one the rights to broadcast it as you see they have nothing there but LDC AlManar and other garbage for Lebanese channels and MBC's are none AlArabiya None and many other channels are disappearing slowly and i will keep after there asses till i get them in jail.They are liars but first class lies and crooks I will fight them all the way Legallybut in a very nice way as i learned while raised in this country when i arrived here from my Arab reputable country where we make business and do not cheat people.

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    Haven't heard of Live Technologies who sell Zaaptv. How did you find them? Be careful who you purchase from, some of these sellers offer no tech support and have no idea about the product.

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