Dear Zaaptv
Regards to All
I bought this zaaptv before a month ago, and am locating in china. I wanted to be a distributor for zaaptv but first i had to buy one box to test it and to show it to customers. For almost a month till now cannot get a channel without buffering issue, my internet speed @ 12mbps. And in the settings menu using internet speed test it shows 8mbps. And some channels cannot open due to
An error of Unknown video format, server not responding ect....!!!!???
Some channels are open like fatafet. But what the hack who want to watch cocking channel all the time. Even aljazeera news or sport is buffering every 10 seconds, i can view aljazeera online using my pc and viewing the live broadcasting without intruption. Many channels is buffering or not working at all.
A guy his name is mOhammed answerd me and telling me the problem is from my side. How come and many ppl is facing the same problems i need a solution , i have the right to get a solution to this kind of problem which is not from my side. Its very clear its from ZAAPTV side.
And other IPITV boxes work with 2mbps ONLY and even in china without buffering or any other errors.

i demand a full refund for this device. Despite the oroblem at furst when i wanted to buy this box to test it and they gave me the wrong account number to transfer the payment and it cist ne again to send the payment again. And waited more than a month to get the box.... Very bad experiance and very bad customer service and no one answering the phone numbers which they say its 24/7. ........!!!!!