What is happening to ZAAPTV? I lost all my channels for the two ZAAPTV devices that I have and are asking for fee subscription so that I get back the old channels!!
We all bought these devices because it was said that the service is and will be free, that is buying the device will assure you the free channels without any fee paid after buying the device. And inspite all of the problems associated with ZAAPTV and the upgrading from old system to new ones, and the losing of channels, things were ok. But now, and asking for fee to return back the channels, is really a shame from ZAAPTV and will be the last nail in the coffin of ZAAPTV. I hope that those who are selling ZAAPTV and producing it or involved in it, one way or another, I hope that they wake up and stop this immediately and return back the channels like before. This is not a way to run a business to gain money from people and if it will be like that then ZAAPTV will end up in the history’s trash (Mazbalat al Tarighk) because no body will trust it and I am hearing this from tens if not hundreds who bought the device or similar devices like MAAXTV.
Guys what do think?