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Thread: Class Action Lawsuit Against ZaapTV

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    Class Action Lawsuit Against ZaapTV

    Many of ZAAPTV retailer sold you the new box HD509N with the advertisement that there are no subscription fees. However, after three years, you receive an e-mail from ZaapTV support telling you that you need to pay money or you will lose access to channels. This business model is unethical as the retailers sold you a very expensive device, which cost over $400 and didn't tell you that the content will be available for three years only, instead they advertised it as no subscription fees. Some of us also purchased a warranty on the device to guarantee that if anything goes wrong with it, we can replace it. Some of the retailers closed their doors and just simply ran away after this scam. Don't be quite if this happened to you. Do the following:

    1. ZaapTV head quarters are located in Switzerland. Which makes them outside the jurisdiction of the United State Class Action lawsuit, however, we can stop their business from functioning in the USA by complaining to the right authorities. Start by submitting complains to the BBB and make sure you mention that there was a false advertisement. If many of the retailers get bad mark on their business, this will alarm customers to avoid the product.

    2. Collect evidence by going to the website of the retailer. Even if their website is down, you can search for a history version of it on Make sure you take all the screenshots that mention that there is no subscription fee.

    3. Goto ZaapTV website and submit support request demanding that they should enable your account based on the original advertised promise. They will play dirty with you and suggest the following for you:

    a. They will accuse you that you agreed on their terms and services and will give you a recent link to it. You could reply back by saying that you were not required to read that when you gave out your money to the retailer. Also the website of the retailer that you purchased the product from did not mention anything about three years content during the period of time you purchased your device.

    b. They will tell you that you agreed on the terms and service after you created an account using your ZaapTV. You could reply back by saying that the initial language that were displayed on ZaapTV is German. Also your account was setup by the Retailer after you gave your money to them.

    c. They will try to bribe you by giving you a code for a free year from three years. Which would cost you $200 instead of $250. Don't accept that, as this is their own way of trying to keep you quite. Remember they lied to you and stole your money by false advertisement. Don't take anything from them.

    d. Make sure that you send them support request all the time and don't accept any resolution unless they do one of the following:

    1. Refund you back the amount of money that you paid for the device, and you could send them the device. Tell them that you will return it to any retailer in the USA and they should cut you a check for the full amount. Yes the full amount, for lying to you.

    2. Demand that they enable your account and give you a code that will have your ZaapTV work all the time.

    Everybody who are victim of the false advertisement of ZaapTV should do that. Don't be quite about your right. Make sure you deliver a message to them. When their support gets tons of messages complaining about their unethical business model, I'm sure they will get the message that they can't just hide in Europe.

    Please share what you receive back from their support in this forum.
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