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Thread: Jailbreak App for Zaaptv with MBC channels

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    Good evening,
    I had few issues & only lost one MBC channel (Drama). When I did exactly what was suggested. All MBC channels from live TV menu are gone. I still have them in my favorites (still missing only MBC Drama) Glad that they were not lost totally after doing what was suggested. I checked under My Apps nothing there. So what you suggested did work. Any ideas pls

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    Works great! Thanks guys.

    Glad to know there are people working on Jailbreaks and apps for the Zaap!

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    hi hassan, glad that worked for you i'm just having a problem for my usb browsing to recognize any files in the extracted files in the jail3ara folder and again i uzipped all files as per instructions, i have the h209n box with the 5.6.0 not the latest firmware so whats you configurations are?

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    I have already tried the Jailbreak method but I cant see anything new all the channels there are already with my channel list that i usually have on my zaaptv. so whatsthe use for the jailbreak..??

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    I believe for the ZaapTV 209N or Canadian/European users the Jailbreak is not necessary PoisonCobra.

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    Thanks for the info.
    Does this work with HD209N?

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    This jailbreak is old.

    Please look at this thread for adding those channels:

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    First of all thanks but you didn't say for wich device this jailbreak ..
    for end users they donn't know

    Quote Originally Posted by Zaaptv-Jailbreak View Post
    I found this app for anyone who wants to jailbreak their Zaaptv receiver. There is also an app included in there that will get you back missing channels like MBC 1, MBC 2 MBC 3, MBC 4 and many more. If anyone has questions with the process of jailbreaking their Zaaptv, please post it here and I'll be glad to help.
    How to Jailbreak your ZaapTV

    #1 - First, goto and download

    #2 - After downloading the files you need to unzip the files and move tvstreamer.tar.var and the folder JB3ARABIC to your USB Stick.

    #3 - Insert the USB Stick in the front USB Port of your ZaapTV then on your ZaapTV go to My Collection and press enter on your remote then browse to the USB Disk and press Enter then go the Jailbreak folder and press Enter.

    #4 - To complete the process you need to Agree to the Terms and Conditions on the screen it is important that you understand that by you installing this Jailbreak you will lose your Warranty.

    Thats it. Your done. Now go into My Collection and then select My Apps.
    You will see all the MBC's and other missing channels under this folder.
    This is confirmed working on my Zaaptv at home and the picture quality on the MBC channels was excellent!

    Here is another alternative download link for the jailbreak file:
    Just in case the first link is not working for you.

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