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Thread: Jailbreak App for Zaaptv with MBC channels

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    I Inserted the USB Stick in the front USB Port of my ZaapTV
    but where's My collection

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    Hi is this will work on Zaap TV 509

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    MBC Channels, Bein Sports (16 Channels), ART Package and lots more

    Finally I got a break....

    This is a service that i have been using and have been happy with it ever since. Forget Jailbreaks that never last and always stops. Forget running boring commercials before your watch channels.
    Best part you can use this service even on your Android tablet, Android Phones, or any Android device you have.

    Here is how it works:

    First you need to make a subscription for the service required either 6 month, one year or the two years. Once this received we would send you the program along with the instructions of how to install it and operate it. The best part is you will not lose the service if you decided to sell your device or your device becomes damaged. You can move the subscription to another Android device as long as you tell us ahead of time to make the arrangement.


    For the six month subscription 60.00 including 400+ channels.

    For the one year subscription 100.00 including 400+ channels.

    For the two years subscription 150.00 including 400+ channels.


    We will provide you with a contact number if you prefer to get support on the phone either by texting or calling. We are located here in the United States so we speak both languages English and Arabic.

    Please make your selection below by pressing the link at the bottom:

    Six Months service

    Attachment 13

    One Year Service

    Attachment 15

    Two Years Service

    Attachment 16

    P.S. This is a third party service and is not associated with Zaaptv or Maaxtv in any shape, matter or form.

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